Guinness ‘In Pursuit Of More’ targeted impressions with Acentic Media

Guinness are making efforts to create an ‘ageless’ brand with the iconic brewers making digital targeting their priority in a bid to target a new audience.

The launch of their “In Pursuit Of More” campaign sees Guinness move away from their typically artistic and iconic efforts to focus on stories everybody can relate to; appealing to a broader, non-demographic specific drinker.

As Rory Sheridan, head of sponsorship for Diageo in Western Europe explained recently to Marketing Week, Guinness “want to be more impactful with our media spend and steer clear of a one size fits all approach, where a TV campaign is simply repeated down the funnel. It’s not about reaching millions of people but reaching the right people through smart targeting and original content.”

Acentic Media was seen as the perfect platform for this approach, providing a direct advertising solution targeting the upmarket business and leisure traveller via a centralised managed network. Utilising its IRE and HSIA systems, Acentic Media communicates directly with the consumer in the comfort of their hotel room.

During its four-week campaign cycle, the advert is expected to receive in excess of 385,000 unique targeted impressions in Acentic Media supported hotel rooms – “it’s not about reaching millions of people but reaching the right people.”