Acentic Media supports Lost Songs of St. Kilda

Acentic Media is supporting the launch of new album, Lost Songs of St.Kilda – a collection of lost songs from the evacuated Hebridean archipelago of St Kilda in Scotland. This collection of sounds has been discovered and brought back to life on an album featuring renowned composers including Sir James MacMillan.

The music launch campaign is promoted using a video which is displayed on the main menu of TV systems in hotels throughout Scotland.

“It’s very exciting for us to be part of the launch of this historical collection of music,” says Tony Buszka, VP New Revenue Development and Strategic Projects at Acentic.

“This is most definitely a unique campaign – for the music industry and Acentic!. The islands of St Kilda were home to Britain’s most isolated people. Now their songs have been recorded and it’s thrilling to know that Acentic is playing a part in helping to promote them to the rest of the world through the hotel TV screen.”

The islands of St Kilda are located at Britain’s most westerly point, in the Atlantic more than 40 miles off Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides.

Acentic provides a direct advertising solution using its centralised Acentic Media platform through its IRE and HSIA systems which communicates straight to the consumer in the comfort of their hotel room.