Why It’s Not Always Good To Talk…

Introducing Acentic’s NEW interactive Guest Services module, the virtual concierge plug-in designed to optimise hotel operation and improve guest satisfaction.

With technological advances and the proliferation of smart devices, online and digital has become the preferred medium for guests to interact with the hotel, from room bookings to restaurant reservations. Phone ordering is of course still prevalent but can prove to be inefficient.

Unlike other app-based and secondary device dependant solutions on the market, which can rely on guests taking the time to download, our Guest Services module is seamlessly integrated into the in-room TV menu. It offers a convenient and optimised way for your guests to communicate their requests to your staff.

Adding the Guest Services module to your interactive TV menu means:

– There’s no more waiting in line or being put on hold for your guests.
– Request accuracy improves, with the added option of multi-language support.
– The reception team can handle more orders; no one has to stop what they are doing to physically take the guest’s order and engage in small talk.

By centralising all guest requests and enabling front of house to dispatch directly to the relevant department or individual, our Guest Services module will increase operational efficiencies; reduce wait times and increase accountability through digital paper trails.

“Our research reveals that in just a few short years, new technology has fundamentally changed the way that we communicate. Talking face to face or on the phone are no longer the most common ways for us to interact with each other. In their place, new forms of communications are emerging which don’t require us to talk to each other – especially among younger age groups. This trend is set to continue as technology advances and we move further into the digital age.”

– James Thickett, Director Of Organisational Transformation at Ofcom

If you’d like to differentiate yourself from the competition and add a level of service that ranks amongst the highest for guest satisfaction, contact us today to discuss adding the Guest Services module to your existing offering or upgrading to the Acentic PNG platform.