How connected are you with your Wi-Fi?

A recent survey of UK hoteliers and consumers revealed a clear disconnect between the Wi-Fi service that hotels think they provide, and what guests actually want. There is no escaping it, Wi-Fi is now regarded by guests as more important than breakfast or even a decent view!

The same report shows that a quarter of hotels (26%) didn’t have a site survey before installing their wireless network and 46% don’t even know if they have ever had one.

So how do you know if your Wi-Fi service is robust enough to withstand the constant pressures of streaming and keep your guests’ digital needs satisfied?

The simple answer would be – ask an expert.  By requesting a site survey you can find out exactly what is hindering your Wi-Fi performance.

To help you decide whether your existing network service is working to its best ability use this quick tips list and decide whether it’s time to review your Wi-Fi solutions to future proof your guest satisfaction scores.

Tip 1 – Adopt a tiered system

Simply increasing internet bandwidth is not the answer to supporting mega data munching guests. A small percentage of guests could still use up most of the bandwidth. However, by offering a tiered system of bandwidth, you can not only generate revenue but keep a wide range of guests who have a need for more bandwidth more satisfied with their overall user experience.

Platforms such as Radiant 4 offers hoteliers ‘hands on’ management of Wi-Fi enabling them to monitor the usage and spot any overuse of available bandwidth throughout the property.

Tip 2 – Check your building environment

Does your building environment support a quality internet connection? wireless networks must be installed to fit the needs of your rooms and public areas and many are not designed for optimum use.  Did you know there are several objects which can hinder wireless connectivity including: thick walls, microwaves, mirrors and even baby monitors!

Tip 3 – Review distance of access points

What is the distance of each AP (access point) to key Wi-Fi hotspots and rooms? This will be a major setback in the speed and quality of connectivity your guests will experience throughout their stay. Your solution may be as simple as getting these repositioned or installing new ones to support better connections.

Tip 4 Assess and upgrade – It’s never too late!

When was the last time you upgraded your internet connection? If the answer is the last three years you could be in danger of losing guest loyalty through bad IT experiences. Even more crucially you are most certainly losing the chance to exploit new revenue opportunities that may come from selling enhanced Wi-Fi services to guests.

Network infrastructure is the key foundation of the hotel operations and hotels need to invest in it.  A hotel installing a new Wi-Fi network should future-proof its Wi-Fi equipment, which supports, and is upgradeable to the latest wireless network standards.

Even if Acentic did not originally facilitate your Internet, our Network Team can come into the property and upgrade the existing network. The systems installed will better enable you to control, manage and report all services via the Radiant 4 dashboard

Acentic are industry experts at creating interfaces capable of meeting the required standards of security, access and back up, thus providing a robust platform for central and secure management. These can incorporate everything from door locks, back office structures, CCTV, heating, lighting and air conditioning through to In-Room Entertainment and high-speed internet solutions.

Acentic will be exhibiting on stand 7D309 at The Hotel Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 17-19 September 2016.