Imagine an in-room technology that informed, educated and entertained your guests through a stunning, high definition user interface…

What if that technology gave your guests an interactive experience similar to the one they would enjoy on their tablet device but delivered through their in-room television?

What if that technology offered you the chance to transform your in-room television into a revenue generator, providing your guests the world’s most popular games and apps, Hollywood movies on demand and television and radio channels from across the globe?

Then imagine that all of this interfaced seamlessly with your Property Management System and back-office reporting functions and it could be installed and working in minutes?

But, best of all, imagine having a technology that brings a smile to your guest’s faces… guaranteed!

AEON, from Acentic, redefines in-room entertainment and communication. Today.

Designed with both the hotelier and guest in mind, AEON represents a genuine revolution in hospitality technology that will change your view on in-room entertainment and guest communication and interaction, forever.

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