Panorama NG

The TV is the centrepiece of any hotel room. It is an entertainment portal, a provider of information and a vital communication gateway allowing genuine, meaningful, real time interaction with the guest.

Acentic have led the way for years in providing hoteliers worldwide with cutting edge in room technologies. Panorama NG is Acentic’s latest interactive guest communication and entertainment system. Featuring an all new guest user interface, stunning graphics, outstanding usability delivered through a motion controlled remote  and, with no requirement for a set top box, Panorama NG represents a quantum leap forward in guest communication technology.

Panorama NG is a flexible, scaleable solution that will meet the needs of the hotelier and the guest not just now, but well into the future and, when paired with Acentic’s latest Push & Play technology, every possible combination of guest entertainment and communication requirement can now be met.

Panorama NG – Video

Panorama NG Brochure

Panorama NG Brochure

Panorama-NG Brochure