Push & Play

Mobile smart devices are steadily becoming an essential part of consumers’ ability to exercise control in their lives – be that consuming entertainment, controlling devices or accessing information.

And, increasingly, access to entertainment in hotels is via guests bringing their own devices (BYOD) and bringing their own content (BYOC). In fact 75% of guests have wifi equipped devices and 25% have 3 or more.

Devices are used to listen to music, view pictures and video, be that films or other content stored locally.

Requiring a minimum device operating system of iOS 5 or for Android, 4.1.1, Acentic’s push & play technology allows guests to enjoy their own content whilst in their room. In addition, the guest can browse, select and view movies on the hotel Panorama system, view and select from TV Channels available at the hotel (including by language) and finally, it allows the device to act as a remote control for the In room TV.

So with Acentic push & play, guests are free to bring a little bit of home with them!