Room Island

The Challenge

Not so long ago, no more than a handful of guests each night would connect a laptop to the hotel’s HSIA service but  now, almost every guest demands Internet access; not just for a single laptop but often for two, and, frequently more devices…

Guests now travel with devices such as games consoles and controllers, which need to be able to communicate with each other to function properly. For example, a PS Vita can connect to a PS3 or PS4 over a network to provide additional in-game features; an Apple iPad can stream video to an Apple TV player; a smart phone can stream video from network-attached storage.

But, and this is where there has always been a problem.None of these scenarios are generally possible in hotels as, more often than not, the hotels HSIA network actively blocks communication between devices.
Why? Simple… The assumption is that all the devices connected to the HSIA network are unrelated; therefore any attempt to communicate between devices must be at best, unwanted or at worse, malicious.

So,  the HSIA provider cannot simply disable these barriers as a guest must be confident that another guest’s laptop is unable to pass on viruses or malware or that another guest cannot browse and access any files that may be inadvertently shared by a laptop belonging to another guest.

And now, these issues are thing of the past!

Acentic have created a novel solution that provides guests with the ability to form small, completely private networks for them and their family, friends or colleagues, whilst still continuing to ensure that unrelated devices are unable to gain access.

Welcome to Radiant 3 – Room Island.