What we do

The Acentic Philosophy

Acentic has created a global technology template which forges High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) with property wide connectivity and state of the art in-room entertainment. This allows feature rich technology to be deployed on a global scale, whilst data can be communicated back and forth between the hotel and a central, cloud based data hub.

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Acentic Managed Network Services


The guests at your hotel have requirements that extend far beyond the established levels of comfort, hospitality and luxury. Technology now plays a key role in the complete guest experience, and the delivery of that technology has got to be integrated and seamless if you want to meet the varied expectations of business and leisure guests.

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Radiant Halo
The Complete HSIA & Network Management Solution


Radiant Halo, has been designed, engineered and built from the ground up by Acentic’s own R&D team based in the UK. Radiant Halo caters to today’s guest and tomorrow’s hotelier, turning Wi-Fi from a problem into a selling point.

Key features:

  • Multiple SSIDs & splash pages controlled by property
    • Allows the service to be personalised for individual groups or guests
  • Proactive AP Monitoring
  • Self Service Guest Upgrades
    • Allows guest to upgrade their connection speed without calling a helpdesk – a boost to both revenue and the guest experience
  • Hotel User Bandwidth Management
    • Various service tiers per group or individual, defined by number of devices or bandwidth
  • Hotel configurable zones
    • Enables hotel to manage network on the basis of need or time of day.
  • Conference Device Monitoring with SMS alerts
    • When the maximum connections limit is approached, a message will be sent to the Sales/Catering team, offering convenience and providing opportunities to upsell
  • Wi-Fi Zoning
  • Cloud based reporting
    • Across properties or brands


Hotel TV Systems


The TV in a hotel room is an interactive centrepiece offering entertainment, information and communication. It also allows hoteliers to develop real time and meaningful interactions with their guests.


Panorama NG is Acentic’s next generation Smart TV solution. It has been designed from the ground up to be the most flexible and powerful solution on the market.

  • Works on both Coax and IP network
  • Works on both Smart TV’s and standalone STB
  • Delivers OTT streaming services and guest information, whilst allowing guests to enjoy their own content via the in-room TV
  • Companion App allowing the guest to control the TV from their mobile device
An entertainment portal that delivers streaming OTT services as well as smart apps with the option to deliver traditional VOD. It’s also a powerful branding and promotional tool. The interface can be customised to match any environment and brand standard, and a mobile app function allows guests to control the system via their own device, securely streaming their music, photos and movies via the in-room TV.

Panorama NG is flexible and scalable, ready to meet the needs of hotelier and guest today and well into the future. All guest information, guest modules and apps are managed and updated via Acentic Cloud Services portal. The suite of reporting and analytics software included in the system allows hoteliers to gather valuable statistics around usage and trends.


Media & Advertising


Acentic Media was established to incorporate hotel advertising into in-room entertainment. This creates a new European channel allowing international brands to target the business and leisure traveller. It also offers our hotel partners an additional revenue stream and a platform to engage with their guests.

The upmarket business and leisure traveller forms a demographic which has traditionally been difficult to target. Our tools cut through the clutter to take advantage of a relaxed and receptive audience.


Acentic Media can manage and display a range of formats including video, MPEG, MPUs, animated graphics and stills. The chosen media can be centrally or remotely controlled, scheduled and time and date stamped.

Acentic Hotel Media also offers complete accountability through a system of auditing and monitoring. The system collates the number of pages viewed by guests, providing commercially vital feedback for the advertisers involved.


Cloud Reporting


All Acentic solutions arrive complete with a full suite of cloud based reporting software. With Acentic Cloud Service™ clients can access an online dashboard and gather vital data on the number of users, most popular features and defined revenue generation. The kind of knowledge that powers business and delivers intelligence and statistics with which to drive revenue and guest satisfaction scores for your hotel, group and brand.
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An example of the guest data we can collect:

  • Mobile device OS
  • Amount of used data per device
  • Busiest areas of your hotel
  • Most popular TV channels watched
  • Most popular Smart TV Apps used
  • Most popular screen sharing options (Apple TV vs. Miracast vs. Chromecast)
  • Most popular interactive TV modules (e.g. view bill, wake up)
  • Most popular features of your hotel (e.g. restaurants, leisure)

As Acentic design, create, own and author all our software, our data specialists can also work with your own hotel, owner or brand teams to define any additional data requirements you may have.

Data drives business, Acentic Cloud Services delivers the data.