Guests can now stream Amazon Prime in their hotel rooms. Securely!

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for, but thought would never come, as it was announced this week Amazon Prime Video can now be streamed via Chromecast

Why This Is GREAT NEWS for Hoteliers

In an age where content is consumed on multiple platforms, it was also a frustration that guests with an Amazon Prime Video account were unable to watch their content in a a hospitality technology landscape where Chromecast has gone from strength to strength. Here’s why this is BIG NEWS:

  • AcentiCast is Acentic’s best selling solution. Period.
  • Installed in over 30,000 rooms (and counting) it’s the only solution on the market designed to work on multiple platforms, irrespective of TV model.
  • Secure pairing of guests’ device with the TV, both WITH OR WITHOUT Hotel PMS support
  • Available in both device-per-room and centralised versions, (where one Chromecast can support multiple rooms)

AcentiCast has always been one of best selling solutions, and with the news that even more guests can benefit from the power of this unique solution, we can’t wait to roll it out.

NOW Is The Time To Upgrade

With the Summer Holidays starting, we have already seen a spike in usage across out estate. With this upgrade, our team of analysts are predicting an increase of at least 20% in usage on the AcentiCast. Looking at the statistics, Netflix and YouTube have been the most streamed Apps to date. We can’t to see what happens now!

Get in touch on where we have our AcentiCast taskforce ready to help!